How To Gift Wrap A Wine Bottle?

Gift Wrap Wine Bottle

Wrapping a wine bottle can be tricky but more often than not, the end result is always breath taking. A wine bottle wrapped in innovative ways makes a very attractive gift. It is no rocket science but it requires patience and skill. There are many traditional and modern ways of wrapping a wine bottle, depending on the shape, size and color. Some enhance its original look; others keep you guessing as to what is there inside. Attaching a simple ribbon bow to the neck of the bottle can also suffice, but why stop there? Here are some more ways in which you can gift wrap a bottle of wine this Christmas!

How To Gift Wrap A Wine Bottle?

The simplest method to do it is take a big piece of wrapping paper, a little longer than the length of the wine bottle and wrap it all around the bottle. Fold the paper neatly at the bottom of the bottle so that once you keep it upright, it won’t wobble and fall. Now instead of folding the paper at the top, keep it as it is and tie a ribbon tightly around it.

You can wrap the bottle in the same way with a fabric instead of a paper. Fabric like satin or other decoratively printed fabrics can also be used. No need to add a ribbon, it will look tacky!

Don’t have either a wrapping paper or a fabric to wrap it in? Don’t worry, not all is lost! You can use cellophane to wrap it up as well. Wrap the bottle in the cellophane in the same manner that you used for wrapping it in paper. But this time, pay more attention to the neck of the bottle — you can decorate it with ribbons or a nice pretty bow.

Another very simple way is to take a box which is about the length of the wine bottle and place the bottle in it. Either you can wrap the box, or you can use a colored box to start with. Attach a ribbon or a card to the box and you are ready to go!

Furoshiki is the Japanese way of gift-wrapping a wine bottle using folded fabric. You can make a creative presentation by using this technique. It is a kind of gift bag in which you can place your bottle. This gift bag will even have it’s own “handle”. For this you will need a large square piece of cloth and a little practice.

If you don’t have any of the above material and are pressed for time, the simplest way to make a wine bottle look like a gift is to place it in a long paper bag. Such bags are available in the market in different colors and thickness. They don’t cost much and can be used even after you take out the wine bottle.

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