How To Remove Toilet Odor?

Remove Toilet Odor

A bathroom in every house is a private place which is used for personal business. But an offending odor of your bathroom does not remain personal making you feel embarrassed in front of guest and relatives. Given below are few tips to make your toilet odor free.

How To Remove Toilet Odor?

  • Quick Clean – The easiest and best way to keep the toilet fresh is quick clean of your toilet every day or every other day. You can clean the toilet by squirting a bit of toilet cleaner inside the bowl and scrubbing gently with a toilet brush.
  • Deep Cleaning – Deep or through cleaning of the toilet should be done once a week to avoid any odor or germs accommodation. You can do this by thoroughly spraying a cleaner/disinfectant inside and outside of your toilet. Leave the cleaner for 10-15 minutes, and then scrub it using a brush or pumice stick.
  • Commercial Products – A variety of commercial products such as “Poo-Pourri” and “The Drops” are widely available in the market which can remove the toilet odor effectively. You just have to drop or spray these products into the toilet before use.
  • Home Remedies – Various products present in your home such as baking soda, white vinegar, Tang orange drink mix, cola, vitamin C capsules and denture cleaning tablets can be used as a toilet cleaning These products make your toilet odor free, germ free and clean.

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