How to Build Artificial Garden Rocks To Glorify Your Garden?

Artificial Garden Rocks

Why should you spend big bucks on your garden landscaping with rocks and stones. Especially when you can build artificial garden rocks on your own. You can pay to have rocks hauled in, haul the rocks yourself or make artificial rocks from cement. One simple method to create rocks is to mix a recipe using hypertufa. Hypertufa resembles alpine stone, yet is made of concrete. If you mix and cure hypertufa correctly, it is lighter than stone and will not freeze in winter conditions. The process of making hypertufa artificial rocks is similar to making mud pies.

In this article I will explain how to build your own artificial garden rocks and landscape your garden yard etc.

How to Build Artificial Garden Rocks To Glorify Your Garden?

  • Put on protective clothing, including gloves, breathing protection and an apron. Cement is caustic and can irritate your skin and lungs if you come into contact with it.
  • Mix equal parts peat moss, Portland cement and vermiculite in a bucket. Add enough water to make the mixture as thick as a mud pie.
  • Roll the cement mixture as if it were dough and then form it into a rock shape.
  • Place the rock into a dry-cleaning bag and spray it with mist. Leave the rock to harden and cure for up to four days. Open the bag and mist the rock daily. Once it’s done curing, remove the rock from the bag and brush the surface with a copper-bristled wire brush to soften the edges.
  • Leave the rock in a sunny location for a week longer to cure and harden further. Next, place the rock in your landscaping.
  • Use the same idea to landscape other areas around your garden.

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