Top 5 Lawn Weeds – How To Identify Lawn Weeds?

Lawn Weeds

You might have observed the unwanted growth in your lawn coming out of the blades of the grass which is simply ruining the beauty of your lawn. These are amongst the most common lawn problem faced by home garden owners across the world. If you detect them at initial stage you can get rid of these unwanted weeds easily.

This article elaborates top 5 most common weeds that must be ruining beauty of your lawn. Once you identify the weed type you can simply get rid of them by using chemicals or other means. Please leave me a comment and share your own experiences of identifying lawn weeds.

Top 5 Lawn Weeds – How To Identify Lawn Weeds?

  1. Wild Violets – The wild violet posses purple flowers which are very pleasing, but they are wild, fierce and stubborn weed. They have kidney-shaped leaves and grow in dense clumps.
  2. Dandelions – Dandelions plague has deep taproot and yellow flowers which goes to the seed very quickly. They turn the seeds into fluffy white puffballs which the wind scatters everywhere. It posses jagged green leaves which can grow as long as 10 inches.
  3. Purslane – Purslane grows in creeping mats by the side of ground. They have purple stems which can grow as long as 2 feet. At the end of the plant the leaves come out in a clustered form.
  4. Yarrow – Common yarrow has hairy stems, with leaves similar to small ferns and complicated flower clusters possessing a strong and overpowering aroma. This weed can grow to 2 feet in height.
  5. Wild Garlic – Wild garlic grows in bunches in lawns. They have hollow leaves which grow from seeds or underground bulbs. This plant shows the growth of tiny green-white flowers in the late spring. The plant can grow to 3 feet in height.

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